Meet a Few of Our Members

Some of the amazing artists and artisans of the Burr House Guild, who would like to establish and/or maintain a public profile, are listed below alphabetically.

Elfi Berndl
Elfi Berndl is an Artistic Dabbler who makes decorative art and useful household items. She often uses mixed media incorporating fibres, metal, glass, stone and wood. She is a founding member of the Baba Yaga Artists Collective, active member of the BHS&W Guild and teaches Metal Weaving Workshops. Her work can be viewed at Elfi’s Creations

Valerie Firmin 
Valerie is a long-time member and previously a potter. She grew up doing hand embroidery, and later entranced by the old-fashioned lace and embroidered girls Christening gowns. Valerie continued her journey into machine quilting and knitting. She also weaves and appreciates the value of natural dyes and loves them! “The real value of being a Guild member is seeing others work, having their willingness to teach you too and a supportive and fun environment to learn new skills.

Sheila Hamilton

Sheila comes from a long line of knitters and learned the craft at a young age. In 2008, Sheila fulfilled a long-held goal of learning to spin. Classes in fibre dyeing, weaving, and felting quickly followed. Sheila joined the Burr House in 2018 and loves the ability to learn from like-minded people and share what she has discovered along the way. Sheila has also taken classes in silver and copper smithing and jewellery making which is another passion.

Sheila sees her creative process as a conversation with the elements she works with and continues to experiment to find that secret formula of line, balance and flow that drives her curiosity. Learning techniques that will result in given shapes and patterns expands what is possible. It is a limitless adventure of discovery that brings joy.

Liz Kennedy

Liz is an artist whose first love is to make jewellery but she dabbles in other crafts such as crocheting, knitting and sewing. She does a lot of work with metal and wire but loves all beading as well. Tubular crochet is one of her favourite beading techniques. Since retiring from her teaching career she has taken multiple courses from many different teachers in many different techniques. Her favourite metal to work is niobium as it can be anodized to beautiful colours. She still does a lot of work with copper since it is such an affordable and lovely metal to work. Liz loves to incorporate stones polished or raw into her work. She travels extensively to attend bead shows and take classes. She is a member of the Baba Yaga Artists Collective, the Burr House Spinners & Weavers Guild in Richmond Hill, the Toronto Bead Society and the Scarborough Gem and Mineral Club.
Liz teaches classes at BeadFX, in Toronto and at the Burr House in Richmond

Kathy Lakatos
Kathy started to learn to weave in 2002, after retiring from a 40 year career in IT. After taking a beginners course she was hooked and explored the craft further.  Kathy joined the Burr House Guild in 2012 to meet other weavers and explore new techniques together; and has taken several workshops on more advanced techniques. Kathy is the beginner and technique specific weaving course instructor as well as other workshops. Her work includes attractive and functional pieces.

Eleanor Mayne
Eleanor is a member of the Burr House. She does a variety of fibre art including but not limited to knitting, sewing, and making whimsical quilts displaying animals such as cats & mice in playful moments. Eleanor’s sewing projects also display the same creativity when she makes children clothing with playful fabrics.

Grey childs sofa

Amanda Ring
Amanda is a Mixed Media Artist incorporating found objects, fiber and metal. She is mainly focused on weaving, crochet, sewing and jewellery. Many of her creations are from her own designs resulting in unique one-of-a-kind creations.

Michelle Zikovitz
Michelle has been weaving functional and decorative baskets for over 25 years. Rattan is her preferred material incorporating her hand dyed reed whenever possible. Teaching classes and workshops fosters a true appreciation of the ancient art of basketry!