Sales at the Guild

The Burr House Spinners & Weavers Guild has two semi-annual sales that are open to the public: the Spring Sale and the Fall/Holiday Sale. The dates for upcoming sales are found on the Calendar.

Why Does the Guild Conduct Sales?

The Guild runs sales to:

  • add opportunities for community outreach, i.e. informing and educating the public about the many fibre-related activities in which the guild is involved;
  • help members understand underlying fibre-related quality control efforts that are involved in producing an item suitable for sale to the public;
  • provide a way of meeting potential new members;
  • educate members on the logistics of selling one’s items; and
  • generate funds for education of members in fibre arts.

How Can Members Help?

Sales at the Guild have diverse opportunities for members. Members are not obligated to enter items into the sale, but it is very helpful and supportive of the guild’s general goals if members provide time to supporting the running of the sale at the guild. Supporting activities included preparing and clean-up of the facility before and after the sales, item set-up, marketing and advertising, community promotion, inventory preparation, and on-site cash/floor support.

Whom Do I Contact?

Touch base with any of the guild members who are on the sales committee; the committee lead Sheila Hamilton, or email Attention Sales.