Guild Library

The guild has an extensive print and digital library that is available to all members in good standing. The collection has, as its focus, reading and study material that relates to many fibre topics (raw sources, processing, production, and design of practical, artisanal, and artistic fabrics). There is a wide variety of topics of interest to our members (spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, basketry, with some knitting and crochet pattern books). Books, magazines, manuscripts, monographs, videos, DVDs and weavers’ sample records treat subjects within these main areas. The guild subscribes to a number of weaving and spinning magazines.

Who can use the Guild library?

The print and digital collection is available to all members in good standing.


The guild librarians are interested in acquiring fibre related library items, including sample books or binders from local weavers. Sample books are records of spinning, weaving, and dyeing work, which inspires and teaches other fibre enthusiasts. If a library donation is not suitable for the collection, it can be sold to help raise money to acquire new items. Please email to reach the library team.